NYE fireworks




  1. The prize will be one (1) fiftydollar ($50) Visa gift card or similar valued card.
  2. Contest entry dates between 4/13/23 and 7/01/23
  3. Entry drawing will be drawn on 07/02/23  but no later than five (5) days after if can't be drawn on the original date.
  4. There will be one winner drawn for all entry types submitted,
  5. Whenever possible winner will be drawn by the store or building manager
  6. Any Gray Wolves distributing, LLC receipt with an approved transaction with money dispensed or balance inquiry can enter
  7. Multiple entries per person allowed as long as each sequence number is different
  8. Credit / Debit card used by winner must be presented and match the card number on receipt
  9. If the ATM transaction receipt is not saved journal records will be used for verification
  10. All required entry questions must be completed
  11. Winner must submit picture prior to getting paid and will be used to promote the winner and contest
  12. Prize will be delivered within ten (10) days of picture receipt
  13. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY - a) do a balance check and use entry form b) fill out NO PURCHASE FORM and MAIL IT
  14. Balance check entrants are limited to one entry per day per card number
  15. No purchase form must be fully filled out, mailed in envelope, post marked by the last day of contest month  June 30, 2023 (6/30/23) and received by 07/01/23
  16. No purchase per person entries are limited daily to the max number of entries entered by an individual that used the machine or balance checked and registered. EXAMPLE -  (If no one registered that day zero mail in entries for that day. One customer registers three transactions in one day then three mail ins allowed per person for that day.)
  17. Winners must be at least eighteen (18) years old
  19. Rules may be randomly updated. Last updated 04/16/23